A Trophy On The Sea


Genre:Fiction   Country:China   Duration:90min   Year of Production:2018   Director:JU Anqi

Executive Producer:

Director:JU Anqi

Executive Producer:JU Anqi

Screenplay:JU Anqi

Cinematography:SHEN Siyuan

Editing:WANG Kang

Producer:ZHANG Datong

Music:Masayoshi Fujita


Art Direction:ZUO Xin


Cast:WANG Xuebing/CAO Weiyu/LI Mohan/WANG Xiaohuan



An Pengyuan is a failed actor who loves fishing. When he finally wins a trophy in a fishing competition, he rushes home to tell his wife, only to find her having an affair with another man and the man dead in a pool of blood. An Pengyuan flees to an island with his fishing gear. But with the cops hot on his heels, he stumbles into the home of a woman and finds another dead body. 

Director’s Biography

JU Anqi

 Born in 1975 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, Ju Anqi graduated from the Directing Department of the Beijing Film Academy. He is one of the most widely recognized of China's new generation of filmmakers. His debut film A Strong Wind in Beijing was selected for the Berlinale in 2000, and became a milestone in Chinese experimental film. His film Poet on a Business Trip premiered at the 44th International Film Festival of Rotterdam, and won a NETPAC award. The film also won the Grand Prize at 16th Jeonju International Film Festival, and three other international laurels. His recent work includes A Missing Policeman , Big Character , Drill Man , and Almodovar’s Actor . The last was filmed in Barcelona, featuring Jan Cornet, winner of the Goya Best New Actor Award. Ju Anqi currently lives and works in Beijing.  

Director’s Statement

This is an era when we need to be successful in order to prove ourselves. This is a film about this era. The desire for success is represented by a shining trophy that runs through the narrative. Faced with an emotional and career crisis, the protagonist, donning the mask of an actor, shifts between perpetrator and victim, reality and fantasy. He eventually finds himself on the absurd path of a fugitive. When an actor plays an actor in the film, reality and illusion engage in an intertextual relationship both in and out of the cinema, similar to the trophy in the story and the director’s desire for affirmation and glory. I hope the film can transcend the story and plunge into the depths of the self and the times.