Patrolman Baoyin


Genre:Fiction Feature   Country:China   Duration:97min   Year of Production:2018   Director:Yang Jin

Executive Producer:

Director:Yang Jin

Executive Producer:Cao kou

Screenplay:Cao kou

Cinematography:Katsumi Yanagijima

Editing:Jia Cuiping

Producer:Huhe Bateer

Music:Liu Sijun


Art Direction:Yan Guochun


Cast:Baoyin Nimuhu/Badema


This is the film's world premiere.


Two women, Zhuola and Lihong, arrive in a small, quiet town in Inner Mongolia. With the help of a big-hearted patrolman named Baoyin, Zhuola finds the father with whom she had lost touch for many years; she also finds romance and marriage. Lihong, being from southern China, cannot adapt to a life of livestock rearing in the beginning. But thanks to Baoyin’s generous assistance, she gradually grows fond of the land. But just as things are looking up for Lihong, misfortune strikes, sending the heroic Baoyin on a seemingly hopeless quest for justice. This is the film's world premiere.

Director’s Biography

Yang Jin

Born in 1982, Yang Jin is a native of Pinglu county in Shanxi Province. In 2004, he entered the School of Arts and Media,
Beijing Normal University, to study and direct short films. His first feature film  The Black and White Milk Cow (2004)
won the Culture Award and the Don Quixote Award at the 19th Fribourg Film Festival, as well as the Asian Film Network Promotion Award at the 7th New Delhi Asian Film Festival. Yang is currently an independent filmmaker. Filmography:  The Black and White Milk Cow (2004),  Er Dong (2008),  Don’t Expect Praises  (2012),  Patrolman Baoyin (2018).

Director’s Statement

The Urad Houqi of Bayannur is located north of the Yin Mountains in Inner Mongolia, adjacent to Outer Mongolia. Wendur is an isolated but once prosperous mining town in the Gobi Desert. In Mongolian, Wendur is called Saiwusu, meaning “place with spring water”. But recently, dwindling water resources prompted the county government to move its seat to somewhere before the mountain. The mines are closed and young people leave home to find employment elsewhere. Only the old, the weak, women and children remain in the town and nearby pastures. This story is based on a real cop in Wendur. Baoyin was assigned to Wendur police station after graduating over 20 years ago, and he’s worked there since.

Baoyin is the ultimate Mr Nice Guy. He helps petitioners from Gansu stay and become Mongolians. He assists a provincial girl to look for her father. He makes funeral arrangements for lonely seniors. The county government rewards him with RMB¥300,000 which he plans on using to improve his mother’s life. Then he becomes embroiled in a criminal case. In this film the stories of people in changing times slowly unfold.