Official Announcement on Protection Against Screen Capture and Piracy


Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) is dedicated to fighting against film piracy. The festival would like to inform all our staff and audience that film piracy is a violation of filmmakers’ copyright, and it will not be tolerated. To prevent the piracy of film materials (including print, DCP, digital files), PYIFF will carry out the following measures:
•  All materials, from the moment they are received by PYIFF to their return, are stored under strict security conditions. They are placed in safes located in a special security room, the keys and accessibility to which are restricted solely to authorized personnel.
•  Festival staff have to register every single entry to the security room as well as the receipt and transfer of every copy, detailing the time, date, location and recipient. Every step of the process needs to be signed by the persons involved.
•  Clear and visible bilingual (Chinese and English) notices are placed at the entrance to Pingyao Festival Palace and all screening venues, that sound recording, photography and filming are strictly prohibited during screenings.
•  Before each screening, a bilingual (Chinese and English) anti-piracy ad is played to convey the message that sound recording, photography and filming are strictly prohibited during the screening.
•  During each screening, there is a minimum of one staff supervising the theatre to prevent attempts at illegal recording, photography or filming. In larger theatres, more staff may be placed.
•  People caught recording, photographing or filming during screenings will be warned and staff will delete all pirated materials. Such behaviour will be announced on PYIFF’s public pages. Violators will be rendered ineligible for future festival passes.
•  Once intended piracy is detected, PYIFF will notify the relevant producers, sales agents, and copyright owners of the film immediately.
•  PYIFF will try its best to make public the names of the copyright owners and copy lenders of the screening materials, to promote copyright awareness.
•  PYIFF will inform all staff of the importance of copyright and take measures to safeguard copyright.
•  PYIFF will take advice from copyright owners on how to safeguard the copyright of their materials when extra security procedures are requested.
作者:PYIFF 发布日期:2019-10-13