Marco Müller: Films are made for everybody


The third edition of the PYIFF has been born out the collective efforts and thinking of many people. It is not simply the programme of a new edition of a festival responding to the questions raised by the previous one, and to the reality of infrastructures, partnerships and budget. The very future of any significant cinema event stems from the possibility of going further, providing new answers, moving endlessly back and forth between one’s present and one’s (in our case: short) past, reconsidering and reconceptualising.


Every festival contains multiple festivals within it, however the balance is drawn between national or international cinema; industrial or auteur cinema; mainstream or artistic films, Hollywood or Chinese and other film cultures. Even if our program divides films into a number of sections, our small PYIFF wishes to allow all the films to be treated with the same attention, mixing celebrated names and newcomers, art cinema and genre cinema, without losing our emphasis on young filmmakers from China and beyond. The only way we could find to refuse the current distinction between “culture” and “market” was to rely on the relationship based on empathy and trust that we nurture with the public in the purposeful spaces of the Pingyao Festival Palace. Our programme grew out of our consideration of the different ways and the different pace at which audience members welcome innovation - making their own assessment of every section of the programme, so that the audience’s choice complements the juries of “experts”.


In Pingyao we will again be able to prove, thanks to our audiences, that it could be a winning proposition to give surprising debut and second films a much longer run in theatres, that it is possible to increase the market share of cinema that brings us news from distant continents, peoples, and cultures.


Films are made for everybody. There is no part of cinema that cannot be nurtured or reawakened: each has its own quality, its own value. Building a relationship with diverse and ever-growing groups of audiences should also mean passing on the love and passion of cinema. During its 10 days in October, the 3rd PYIFF wants to demonstrate how this is possible.


Marco Müller


作者:Marco Müller 发布日期:2019-09-29