Zhang Yimou to Attend the 2019 PYIFF and to Give a Masterclass “Every Second Counts”

张艺谋将出席2019平遥国际电影展 举办大师班“为了电影的每一秒”

Acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou will be attending the 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival held between 10-19th October this year. Besides the regular activities, he will give a masterclass with the topic “Every Second Counts” hosted by Jia Zhang-ke, founder of PYIFF. This is the very first time that Zhang Yimou participates in the Pingyao International Film Festival.  

Director Zhang Yimou

As one of the most well-known fifth generation directors in China, Zhang Yimou has been making films for nearly 40 years. Despite the fact that he is already an established figure in the history of Chinese cinema, Zhang Yimou continues to experiment the creative artistry. He explores the inner world with different presentations from different themes and prospects. In the masterclass at PYIFF, Zhang Yimou, who constantly creates and pushes boundaries, will be sharing his creative passion and self-innovation as a filmmaker through a conversation with Jia Zhang-ke.  

Director Zhang Yimou

The 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival will be held between 10-19th October in Pingyao Ancient City in Shanxi. The Festival aims to become a “boutique festival” – modest in scale but with ambitious aspirations, supporting young directors and fostering communications between the industry and the creative talents.


作者:PYIFF 发布日期:2019-07-18